The ECO Economic Journal, approved in 2009 by member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), provides a forum for theoretical background and methodological research on social and economic issues relevant for the regional development. It received endorsement of the 19th Meeting of ECO’s Regional Planning Council on 19-21 January 2009. Its priorities are as follows:

  • Regional and comparative national economic development.

  • Sustainable economic growth.

  • Dynamics in the fields of transport and communications, trade and investment, industry, energy, environment, minerals, agriculture, tourism, development project management and implementation, human resources.   

  • Domestic markets, demand and supply of commodities in the region.

  • Health\Inefficiency in financial sector and banking.

  • Implications of the global financial crisis on individual economies and regional groupings and prospects of post-crisis economies.

  • Regional cohesion.

The Journal invites submission of abstracts, analytical papers, surveys, review articles, and commentaries on contemporary issues. Use of empirical evidence and realistic analyses based on credible economic and statistical data is the main criteria for selection of review articles for inclusion into the Journal.       


A standard request form to apply for journal permission is provided. Please, complete the form, and forward it to the following address:

ECO Economic Journal

Economic Cooperation Organization

No. 1, Golbou Alley, Kamranieh St., Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 19519 – 33114

Telephone: + 98 21 22831733/34 ext 254; Fax: + 98 21 22831732

Your request form will be processed and within 45 days you will receive a feedback. All feedbacks will be sent by mail, unless a specific deadline is indicated on the request from, and an alternative contact detail provided.

In your permission request, please, indicate the reference of the material you want to use (title of article, issue number, page numbers, author’s details, a photo, if any). At your convenience, you may also provide a brief summary of your academic background and professional experience and/or other information as you may deem necessary for posting.

To facilitate processing of your request form, you may forward an electronic file containing your abstract, analytical paper, survey, review article, and commentaries to the following electronic addresses: and with reference to ECO Economic Journal.


List of Contributors:  

Dr. Haishan Fu  

Ms. Haishan Fu is a Director of the Statistics Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. She holds a Ph.D in Demography from Princeton University, United States of America.

Dr. Sara Alpysbayeva 

Mrs. Sara Alpysbayeva is a Director of Economic and Financial Turmoil Early Response Center of the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She holds a PH.D in Economics.

Mustafa Acar 

Mustafa Acar is an Associate Professor at Kırıkkale University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics. He holds PH.D in Economics. His contacts details are as follows:  You may also visit the website  

Farivar Parviz Farzam 

Farivar Parviz Farzam is a Program Officer of the Department of Agriculture & Industry & Tourism  at ECO Secretariat.  

Dr. Abid Hameed

Manager, ECO-Trade and Development Bank, Turkey

Anila Nazir

Faculty at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Turkey. 

Batzhan Akmoldina

 Batzhan Akmoldina is Head of the Department for Economic and Mathematical Modeling, Republic of Kazakhstan of the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bauyrzhan Turlubekov 

Bauyrzhan Turlubekov is Head of the Department of Macroeconomic Development and Social Sphere, Republic of Kazakhstan of the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Erhan Kumaş 

Erhan Kumaş is an Expert in Information Technology of Turkey’s Telecom Inc. He may be reached at

Taha Noorollahi

Statistical Center of Iran, DG, Office of  Population and Labour Force  Statistics & Census