ECO Secretariat attended the Interpol Dialogue on Policing Architecture


At the invitation of the Interpol, the ECO Secretariat participated in the “2nd Dialogue on an Effective Multilateral Policing Architecture against Global Threats” held on 03-04 May 2017 at the General Secretariat of INTERPOL in Lyon, France. Interpol officials, including Interpol Secretary General Mr. Jurgen Stock, as well as senior representatives from regional policing and law enforcement organizations including the Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC), AMERIPOL, ASEANAPOL, Europol and GCCPOL participated in the Dialogue aimed at reviewing the current policing structures and activities, and  identifying overlaps and devising strategies for mitigating them. Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) and the UNODC also attended the Meeting as observers. The ECO Secretariat was represented in the Event by Mr. Raheel Ahmad Cheema, Programme Officer of the ECO-DOCCU.

The Dialogue focused on 4 priority areas for enhanced cooperation between Interpol and regional organizations and among the organizations, namely, cross-tier coordination; national nodes consolidation; streamlined frontline access; and setting of common police standards. In his opening address, Mr. Meng, the President of INTERPOL highlighted the need for new and better architecture in the context of rapidly changing nature of terrorism and organized crime.

During two-day discussions, the participating regional organizations shared their experiences while interacting with other regional police organizations and INTERPOL as well as their expectations to mould the new global policing architecture based on those experiences. Such policing experiences were of particular importance to the regional police organizations in their formative stages.

At the end of this meeting, and in order to realize the objectives of the Dialogue, the participants agreed on establishing a working group to identify areas of cooperation before holding of the 3rd Dialogue in 2018.