Workshops on Standardization and Accreditation

 (Antalya –Turkey, 9-11 May, 2012)

The Workshops on the Standardization and Accreditation were held in Antalya on 9-11 May, 2012 in cooperation with the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) of the Republic of Turkey. The Workshops were attended by the delegates from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Turkey.

Mr. Hulusi ŞENTÜRK, the President of Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) of the Republic of Turkey gave an inaugural statement. In which he expressed that the workshops would contribute effectively to close cooperation among the ECO member states to work together for achieving common goals and meeting the challenges of the world in line with approved international standards. He highlighted the future activities of the TSE and TURKAK and referring to the importance of RISCAM, he wished the meeting to give priority to the area of the RISCAM. 

Director (AIT), ECO Secretariat delivered an statement that in which he stated ECO welcomes all kinds of developments and every effort to speed up the process of realization and establishment of relevant agencies for standardization and accreditation in concerned Member States. He explained the role of Interim Coordination Unit (ICU) as well. A brief introduction of the latest development on Standardization and related areas was presented by ECO representative that was mainly focused on the ECO Strategy in the field of cooperation on standardization.

The Turkish representatives of TSE/TURKAK briefed the meeting regarding the latest developments in the areas of standardization/accreditation in the world. A representative of TSE briefed the participants about the establishment of standardization, activities and its process. He highlighted the current/latest developments in the area of cooperation with international and regional standardization. He explained about the mirror committees, their objectives, structures, duties and requirements. A representative of TURKAK explained the importance of accreditation of institutions like laboratories and inspection bodies.

The Workshop came up with some recommendations and points of agreements for future course of action for ECO cooperation in the field of Standardization and Accreditation.


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