Transit Transport Framework Agreement

Implementation of TTFA

The Transit Transport Framework Agreement (TTFA), ECO’s basic document in the transport sector, is a comprehensive document and the primary driver of all activities related to the removal of non-physical barriers, harmonization of regulations, and the accession of the member states to international transport and trade facilitation conventions and standards.

Wide range activities are being pursued by ECO’s Directorate of Transport and Communications addressing road, railway, insurance and customs related provisions of TTFA through technical committees, Road, Railway, Insurance and Customs Transit under TTCC (Transit Transport Coordination Council) and via studies enabling to identify major barriers on the way of smooth movement of goods across the region. 



Project for Preparation of a Regional Program on the Implementation of TTFA

Maximum Permissible Axle Loads Applied In The Territories Of Contracting Parties in Accordance

Accession status to international conventions/agreements

Information of the existing transport barriers for Kyrgyz road carriers
in the ECO countries

Fees for foreign-registered vehicles traveling through the territory of the Republic of


Customs Code of Customs Union


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