Ambassador Halİl İbrahİm Akça




Born in 1963 in Sivas, Turkey

  Married, 3 children




Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Istanbul Technical University

  1992-1994MA Degree in Economics, University of Delaware, USA





1989Deputy Expert in State Planning Organization (SPO)



1996Planning Expert (Communications Sector and Project Analysis)



1996-1997Advisor to the Minister in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Turkey



1997Board Member in Retirement Fund of the Republic of Turkey




 Deputy Undersecretary, SPO

 Board Member in Turkish Development Bank

 Executive Board Member of the e-Transformation Turkey Project

 Head of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Technical Delegation



Jan-June 2009Undersecretary, SPO



2011-2015Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the TRNC



13 Aug 2015

Secretary General of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)