Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Official name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan 
Head of State: President H.E. Mr. Mamnoon Hussain  
National Day: 23rd March  
Independence Day 14-Aug-47 
Capital: Islamabad 
Area: 796,095 sq km 
Land boundaries: 6,774 km  
Border countries: Afghanistan 2,430 km, China 523 km, India 2,912 km, Iran 909 km 
Coast line: 1,046 km  
Landscape The Landscape of Pakistan ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakoram and the Himalayas through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab. Then follows desolate barrenness of Baluchistan and the hot dry deserts of Sindh blending into miles and miles of golden beaches of Makran coast. The variety of the topography is matched by the variance in climatic condition and fauna and flora.
Climate: Mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in northwest; arctic in north 
Natural resources: Large area of cultivable Land, extensive natural gas reserves, coal, iron ore, copper, salt and limestone. 
Land use: Arable land:30.18 thousand hectares
  Meadows and pastures: 6%
  Forest and woodland: 4%
  Other: 67%
  Irrigated land: 198,700 sq km   
Agricultural products: Cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; condiments,  milk,  beef, mutton, eggs, grains, oil seeds, pulses, maize, barley, tobacco, poultry, goats, beef, sheep, cattle, mutton.
Population: 180.7 million (2012)  
Population growth rate: 2.04% (2012) 
Religions: Muslim 95.00%
  Christians, Hindus, and others 5%
Languages: Urdu (National Language)  
  English (Official) 
  Regional Languages are : 
Literacy: Total57.7 % (2010)
Currency :  1 Pak Rupee (PKR) = 100 paisa  
Exchange Rate :   89.24 PKR/US$   (2012) 
GDP:  233.879 billion US$ (2012) 
GDP per capita :   1294 US$ (2012) 
GDP Growth rate:  3.7 % (2012) 
Inflation rate :  11.0 % (2012) 
Unemployment rate:  6 % (2012) 
Total Imports: 44.91 billion US $ (2012) 
Total Exports: 23.64 billion US $ (2012) 
Foreign Direct Investment: 821  million US $ (2012) 
Total External Debt : 65.8 billion US $ (2012) 
Industries: Textiles, food processing, cement, fertilizer, steel, sugar, clothing, paper products, shrimp, leather, garments, beverages, construction materials, electric goods, ship building.
Electricity: Capacity: 12,530,000 kW 
  Production: 95.3 billion kWh 
  Consumption per capita: 671 kWh   
Transportation: Railways:8,831 km
  Ports: Karachi, Muhammad bin Qasim



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