Islamic Republic of IranIran
Official name: Islamic Republic of Iran  
Head of State: President H.E. Mr. Hassan Rouhani.   
National Day: 11th of February (Islamic Revolution of Iran-1979)  
Capital: Tehran  
Area: 1,648,196 sq km  
Land boundaries: 4,137 km  
Sea boundaries: 2,700 km (Including the Caspian Sea)  
River boundaries: 1,918 km  
Border countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan), Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan  
Climate: Mostly arid or semi-arid, temperate along Caspian coast and mountainous temperate along west and north-west.  
Natural resources: Petroleum,  natural  gas, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, lead, manganese, zinc, sulfur   
Land use (1998): Arable land:300,000 sq. Km18.20%
  Meadows and pastures: 900,000 sq. Km54.60%
  Forest and woodland: 120,000 sq. Km7.30%
  Other: 258,000 sq. Km15.70%
  Irrigated land: 70,000 sq. Km4.20%
Agricultural products:Wheat, rice, barley, potato, grains, sugar-beet, cotton, fresh & dried fruits, dates, pistachio, fruits, nuts,  poultry, meat, dairy products, wool; caviar, flowers and medicinal plants.
Population: 76.03 million (2012)  
Population growth rate: 1.34% (2012)  
Religions: Muslim 99.56% 
  Zoroastrian, Christian & Jewish0.44% 
Languages: Persian and Persian dialects, Azeri,        Kurdish, Lori, Baloochi, Arabic  
Literacy (2011): Total84.20% 
Currency:  Rial (IRR)  
Exchange Rate:  13.568 (IRR / 1US$) Annual Average (2011)  
GDP:  448.2 billion US$ (2010)  
GDP per capita: 6030 US$ (2010)  
GDP growth rate:  6.4 % (2010)  
Inflation rate: 28.6 % (2012)  
Unemployment rate:  12.31 % (2011)  
Total Imports :  53451  million US $ (2012)  
Total Exports :  98033 million US $ (2012)  
Foreign Direct Investment :  640 million US $ (2008)  
Total External Debt :  7380 million (2012)  
Industries:Oil and gas, steel, aluminum, copper, electric and electronic equipment, cement & other building materials, metallurgy, home appliances, iron, textile, rugs and carpets, tapestry, miniature, ceramic, food processing (particularly sugar refining & vegetable oil production), petrochemicals, and car manufacturing & assemblies
Electricity: Production: 232,955 GWH (2010)   
Transportation : Railways:9992 km (2011)
  Highways:170,200 km


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